Dennis Goff

It’s a question I often ponder.  “Is the About Page on a website really about me, about my posts and products, or is it really about you and your interests?”  Great question!

My thoughts are simply this: Why would you care who I am or my “story” until you know what I can do to help you improve your lifestyle, business or both?

If you don’t see the value or a return for the time you invest on my website reading content, viewing photo galleries, or assessing recommended resources – you’ll be gone, never to return.

That pretty well sums it up eh? So what you find on this site will be posted with
YOU in mind.  Well… some will be about me too. OK?

Since I have just started building this site out – please be patient as I add content and value for us to enjoy.

In the meantime –  you can contact me anytime.

Talk to you soon,

Dennis Scriptina 2



Dennis Goff  (aka):  Adventurer, Internet Entrepreneur, Creative Photographer, Skilled Woodworker, Time Traveller, Progressive Thinker, Ongoing Student of the Universe, Paul Simon fan and, “Still Crazy After All These Years” – Lighten up eh? I’m a Canadian!