Who is Dennis Goff?

My Story – the short version…

Simply stated, I’m an adventurer, Internet Entrepreneur, Creative Photographer, Skilled Woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan and…  Still Crazy After All These Years. And of course, highly skilled creator of fast, effective, elegant WordPress websites that work for you.I am Dennis

As an entrepreneurial grand dad blogger, on the leading edge of the vibrant boomer generation, I follow my passion of helping others empower themselves to live their best life. It’s fulfilling for me to watch them amplify their success and know I was able to inspire them. I’m extremely grateful.

A Quick Look in the Rear View Mirror

I enjoyed a highly successful 34 year offline career focused on small business development, team building, sales & marketing and self management projects in western Canada. Fortunately I escaped from the corporate jungle in 2008 and never looked back.  Why would I?  The only power we possess is in the present… and I’m enjoying every precious moment right now.

Life before the internet was more predictable but life on the internet offers limitless opportunities and I enjoy the spontaneity of expanding my online ventures to new levels each year. Hence you stumbled across my website today.

Family First Philosophy

I currently live in the sleepy ocean side town of Comox on Vancouver Island with my lovely wife Nicki. The beautiful Comox Valley in British Columbia, Canada. It’s the perfect location for anyone, any age, to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle. The valley is fast becoming the #1 choice in Canada for a retirement haven with the baby boomers.

Dennis Goff and Family

Nicki and I are blessed with two beautiful daughters and three energetic grand kids. Family always comes first and it’s a value that’s served us well for the 39 year marriage milestone we celebrated this year. I’m not admitting to retiring for a minute tho’. Why would I?

Reinventing Our Retirement

Our online entrepreneurial adventures have morphed into a pinnacle career for both of us and we’re lovin’ it! Nicolette is a published author of half a dozen Kindle books on Gardening is constantly expanding her expertise in writing and her following her creative passion as a water colourist.

I have honed my skills to create extremely functional, well designed beautiful websites for Bloggers and Home Business entrepreneurs. Over the past 5 years I have made every mistake known in building websites – so you don’t have to! The lessons I have learned have easily qualified as me an authority in WordPress websites and online marketing for home business and bloggers.

Websites That Work

The result of the working through the learning curve and perfecting my WordPress skills was the inspiration to develop my new business, Websites That Work.

And they work for you 24/7/365 where ever you live, work or play.

Your business will be online all the time.

You’ll become a self-reliant entrepreneur or a simply a weekend blogger.

Whatever suits your fancy, I’d love to help you create it.

Let’s do it now!

Talk to you soon!

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