I’m posting this 4 minute video and transcript from a recent statement by one of the world’s foremost authorities on RNA injections so you have access to the truth big tech and big pharma don’t

Taking Back Our Freedoms Biggest Protest in Canadian history. Canadians are rising up against the Covid tyrants and criminals. Here is the truckers rally cry to wake up, stand up and resist. This a a

Learning to replace the fear with love and step into our personal power is key to the survival of humanity. This short video tells a powerful story relating the current state of chaos created by

Determine the style of your new online home with an effective design for your personal blog or business.  Distill the best elements by following this short proven plan for successful websites. I’ll help you get

Your domain name is your identity on the web.  Choose a name that fits your business and is easy to find, type, promote and resonates with your audience. Avoid generic categories – be specific. And

You already know your brand is not your logo, your colours or your fonts. These elements help design your website and support your brand to amplify recognition, trust and loyalty. You use these elements to

The success of your personal blog, online shop or business (online or offline) depends on you clearly defining your target audience if you expect to build a solid foundation so that you engage readers to

Before you launch your new website, you’ll need to complete at least 3 key pages. This short guide will give you an overview of the essential elements to include on each page to optimize engagement

This is intended only as a quick overview to give you a focus on the essentials for a content marketing plan. It’s much easier to build your business with a blueprint or roadmap. Start an

Writing an engaging about page must be challenging. Right?  Think about it – when was the last time you read an about page you felt was credible, personable and informative?  Occasionally?  Seldom?  Never? The About