Wow!  What a ride it’s been! Purpose, Passion and Persistence are the key ingredients for me in uncovering and applying the knowledge necessary to enjoy this chapter of my life on my terms.  MKMMA is guiding my journey to discover purpose, develop passion and add vitality to

How do you Feel About Success? That’s the key question isn’t it?  I choose to ignite change. These musings are not intended to be a condensed version of the Master Key lesson this week. They are simply  present moment reflections sparked by material I’m studying from

Conformity is Not in my Vision In September 2015 I decided to embark on a quest of non conformity to explore the vast uncharted regions of my marvellous mind with MKMMA.  Master Key Musings reflects my experience each week.  Occasionally, I may rant or ramble a little

Well then… Persistence rules!   Mandino says it all in one breath eh? My feelings exactly – you nailed it, OG! No sheep on this adventure! If you missed your special gift in my post last week… you can still find it here >> The Strangest Secret  Headin’ into

The Strangest Secret was first published by Earl Nightingale in 1956. Click on the Audio Play above to hear the original vinyl version of the classic that sparked a new era in personal growth that evolved into a multi billion dollar industry. Enjoy the timeless wisdom from