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The links on this page will take you to recent websites and custom pages I’ve created for members of MKE and Go90Grow. I suggest you make a list of questions or comments for our discussion about your new website.
Have fun exploring…

Basic Personal Blogs: 

MKE member’s blog: https://nickigoff.me/masterkey 

MKE member’s blog: https://havefaithandkeepgoing.com

Websites & Blogs with Custom Pages: 

Super Mom’s Blog: https://whatmakesmetic.com 

Dennis MKE Journal: https://masterkey.life/  

MKE Certified Guide: https://debwaldron.com 

MKE Certified Guide: https://dldonaldson.com 

MKE Members Offer: https://DennisGoff.com/mke-offer

G090Grow Members Offer:  https://DennisGoff.com/go90grow-offer

Custom Marketing Websites: 

Home Business: https://mywealthyyou.com 

Business Consulting: https://alphamultimedia.com 

Self Discovery Course: https://masterkeyexperience.com 

Network Marketing Training: https://worldslaziestneworker.com 

Taking Charge Podcast: https://masterkeyexperience.com/podcasts

Marketing Websites & Landing Pages Samples

Gardening Homepage: https://InspiredGreenSpaces.com 

Small Business Website: https://sherlockhomesinspectionservices.com 

Small Business Website: http://bowlingstones.ca/

Non-profit Organization: https://ecuadorprojecthope.com 

Consultant’s Landing Page:  https://bobbyrometo.com 

Books (Amazon Affiliate): https://dennisgoff.com/great-reads/ 

Custom ABOUT pages

Personal Blog:  https://WhatMakesMeTic.com/about

RV Inspector:  https://SearchAndRescueRV.com/about 

About You: https://DennisGoff.com/about

MLM Samples & Team Training 

MLM Capture Page: https://dennisgoff.com/somaderm/

MLM Product Page:  https://dennisgoff.com/voxxlife

MLM Prospecting Tips:  https://dennisgoff.com/social-media-tips/

Marketing Funnel Pages

Lead Generation:  coming soon

Confirmation Page: https://dennisgoff.com/almost-done/

Welcome Page: coming soon

404 Page Not Found 

When ever any links are broken or pages not found because of typos or whatever… a 404 page is loaded with links to the website’s Home page. It’s more fun to use a page like this instead of the standard WordPress 404 default page:



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