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I'll help you create a beautiful effective website designed to attract & engage readers...

So they quickly become avid fans and loyal customers!​​​​

It's Your Time to Get Creative!

What's your Story?  Everyone's got one!  Of course you do!

It's your Hero's Journey...

It's time to share your gifts with the rest of the world.  I'll help you create a beautiful, effective website to tell your story! 

Tell me what you want and I'll show you how to get started.  

Websites that work

Why You'll Want to Work With Me

I create beautiful websites to project a professional online presence for you

Attract More Readers

To get noticed on the wild wonderful web - you need a website designed to stand above the crowd.  I'll work with you to ensure your new online home attracts attention.

Engage Your Audience

Your new website will be fast, effective and designed to engage your audience so you keep them interested enough to explore your content and return for more of the value you offer.

Convert More Sales

Conversion is key factor to your success and with a responsive website - user experience on all devices is essential.  Your new website will be safe, secure and easy to navigate on any device.

let's have some fun planning this together!

 Choose a basic blogging style website or a conversion focused marketing website optimized for lead generation and sales.  All it takes is a simple plan to organize your goals. I'll help you develop a creative, highly effective website so that you get on the fast track to enjoy success in record time.  Let's get started now...

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create a personal blog to journal your story

Go ahead take the plunge!  Step out of the shadows and make your online presence come alive so you 
get noticed by your audience.  It's the best way to build credibility and 
trust faster than you ever thought possible. I'll show you how.

Regular Blog Design & Setup: $600 - $850 

Exclusive Go90Grow Offer:  $450 - $650

All prices are quoted in USD

Build your Blog


create a website for your home business

Accelerate your Home Business results.  We'll create a vibrant WordPress website to help you vitalize and boost your online presence so you can FOCUS on your Home Business basics to build trust, supercharge your audience engagement and accelerate  your profitability.  I'll show you how.

Regular Business Website Design & Setup:

$950 - $4500 based on specific client needs

Exclusive Go90GrowOffer:   $850 - $3750 

All prices are quoted in USD

I am a free lancer


Who is dennis goff?

When you work with me you get a seasoned professional in customer service, online marketing, web design, small business development and team building. Don't let the B&W photo fool you though... I'm a colourful Canadian who knows how to get things done right... from the start.   Did I mention I'll create a masterpiece for your new website or blog?  You'll love it!

I am Dennis Goff

See why they love the experience...


Dennis is the authority and will deliver a 5-star product!

I was introduced to Dennis through a business associate and told Dennis did good work. I gave him a website project and WOW did he deliver!

I was so impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and quality that I gave him another project. I was expecting a good product but nothing more as the site was professionally done by someone else. I thought there was little to no room for improvement!

The improvements he made to the look, flow and functionality proved to me that Dennis is in a class of his own, several levels above the rest and a skilled master in his trade. I don't say that lightly as I have worked with dozens of website designers/builders. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere! Dennis is the authority and will deliver a 5-star product!

Harry Scott Gordon - Certified Master Homes Inspector, Go90Grow Member

Working with Dennis is one of the best business decisions I have made!

I already had a website to promote my business. To be honest - it was not functional. I had tried to set it up on my own but got in way over my head. It was not displayed properly on mobile devices. It was difficult to navigate and my message to my audience was not clear.

Dennis provided very clear instruction and helped me when I needed help. He has an eye for colors, fonts and design. And he knows what works and what does not work. He helped me to clarify my message, develop a website that is professional - easy to navigate - and provides a clear message to the people I want to reach.

Deborah Donaldson - Blogger/Entrepreneur - MKE Certified Guide

Dennis was a 'God-Send' to me!

I was a complete novice at web hosting and setting up my interactive blog. I didn't even know what questions to ask, and he kindly guided me through the process. He simplified everything for me and had great suggestions for enhancements and improvements which made everything better than I expected. From my side, it felt like magic! No stress. I have hired him for a second time, and I plan to use him for future web design. Thanks, Dennis!

James Moll - Insurance Agency Owner - MKE Member

The Experience was Above and Beyond my Expectations!

Dennis not only delivered my website quickly, he advised me many times on industry practice and the best and easiest way to update my site. The whole process was simpler than I have previously experienced building a website.

Ellen Ward - Business Professional - MKE Member

How Can I Help You?

Build a strong community quickly

If you're new to creating a online presence and building an email list - you'll experience a huge learning curve in getting up to speed with your blogging or business building skills. But - It's not difficult - if you know the right steps and sequence to follow.

I'll show you how...

You'll find it easy to communicate with us because both my wife Nicolette and I have worked through the Master Key Experience with certified guides.  We've also have attended Live Events in Kauai - resulting in many new friends from around the world in both MKE and Go 90 Grow.

Let's connect the dots...

You share a common bond with us - our new found knowledge and wisdom from napoleon Hill, Charles Haanel, OG Mandino, Waldo Emerson and many others we encountered in the courses. And also Mark, Davene, Dayna and their wonderful staff. We speak your language!

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Get Valuable FREE Coaching

You'll receive coaching that will save you days, maybe even weeks of frustration because you'll learn the correct sequence to follow and how to execute each step in setting up your personal blog or business online.  You'll receive one-on-one help each step of the way so that you continually build confidence in your new venture. The result will be a unique, well designed website.

 1 - Identify Your Target Audience 

 2 - Choose Domain Name & Hosting

 3 - Choose The Right Website Style

 4 - Create Your Brand Colour Palette

 5 - Write A Brand Positioning Statement

 6 - Pages To Complete Before Launch

 7 - How To Choose Your Website Fonts

 8 - How To Write A Killer About Us Page

 9 - A Simple 3-Step Content Strategy

 10 - Content Creation Simplified For You

Find Out Exactly What You Need to Know to Succeed

Contact me to discuss how I can help you get started with your new personal blog or website.  It's a FREE Consultation - no obligation.

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All projects are developed on a first come first served basis

I'm a creative, easy guy to work with, highly motivated as a fun-loving (Yellow) with (White) as my secondary personality color.  So, you know I pay attention to both the big picture and the details. Got you covered!  Doesn't get any better than that...

Talk to you soon,

Please Note...

I suggest you wait to get your domain names or hosting service until AFTER you check with me.  There is only a small handful of great companies and a boatload of not great companies. I'll help you understand what's important and how to choose the right company for your particular needs.