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What's your Story? Everyone's got one!  Of course you do!

It's your Hero's Journey. It's time to share your gifts with the rest of the world.

We'll help you create a beautiful, effective website to tell your story!
You'll get hands-on coaching each step of the way.

And you'll eliminate the steep learning curve of trying to do it all by yourself.

Who is this service for?

Master Key Experience Members and Guides who want to elevate their web presence, create a new 'look' for their personal blog or business brand, and develop new online skills so they stand above the crowd to get noticed by their chosen audience.

If that's you - schedule your free consultation today. 

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What MKE Members & Guides are saying...

Dennis is the authority and will deliver a 5-star product for you.

I was introduced to Dennis through a business associate and told he did good work.  I gave Dennis a website project and WOW did he deliver!  I was so impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and quality I gave him another project. The improvements he made to the look, flow and functionality proved to me that Dennis is in a class of his own, several levels above the rest and a skilled master in his trade. I don't say that lightly as I have worked with dozens of website designers/builders. 

Harry Scott Gordon
Harry Scott Gordon
Certified Master Homes Inspector Go90Grow Member

Working with Dennis is one of the best decisions I have made.

I already had a website to promote my business. I had tried to set it up on my own but got in way over my head. It was not displaying properly, difficult to navigate and my message to my audience was not clear.  Dennis provided very clear instructions to help me improve it.  He has an eye for colors, fonts and design, knows what works and what does not. He helped me to clarify my message and develop a professional looking, easy to navigate site that engages my audience.

Deborah Donaldson
Blogger, Entrepreneur and Certified Master Key Experience Guide

Exclusive Master Key Experience Offer

Packed with

Benefits you'll love

Choose a basic blogging style website or a conversion focused marketing website optimized for lead generation and sales.  All it takes is a simple plan to organize your goals. I'll help you develop a creative, highly effective website so you get on the fast track to enjoy success in record time.  

Create a personal blog to journal your story...

Step out of the shadows and make your online presence come alive so you get noticed by your audience. It's the best way to build authority and trust faster than you ever thought possible. And it's easier than you think.

Basic Personal Blog Style Website:
Exclusive MKE Offer: $375 - $675
All prices are quoted in USD

I am a free lancer

Create a marketing website for your business...

We'll create an engaging website to help you vitalize and boost your online presence so you can FOCUS on your

home business basics to build trust, supercharge your audience engagement, and accelerate your profitability.

Small Business or Marketing Website:
Exclusive MKE Offer: $1275 - $2775
All prices are quoted in USD

You'll want to wait until AFTER you check with me before you choose your domain names and hosting service.  Here's why... customer support, website security, website speed, and ease of use are critical to your online experience and success with your website.

There is only a small handful of companies that perform well and a boatload of companies
that don't.   Fortunately for you -  I've had experience with many of them over past 11 years. 

I'll be able to help you understand what's important and how to choose the right company for your particular needs so you save money, time, and frustration with your new project.

Hi, I'm Dennis

Adventurer, Website designer, all around fun guy

When you work with me you get a seasoned professional in customer service, online marketing, web design, small business development, and team building. Don't let the casual photo fool you though...

I'm a colourful Canadian who knows how to get things done right.

Let's create a masterpiece together to get you noticed online. 

Who is dennis goff? 

As an ongoing student of the universe, I'm an adventurer, internet entrepreneur, creative photographer, skilled woodworker, loving husband and dad, Paul Simon fan and… Still Crazy After All These Years. 

More recently, I'm a highly skilled creator of fast, efficient and elegant WordPress websites. How life changes eh? 

Happy to be on the leading edge of the vibrant boomer generation, I follow my passion of helping others empower themselves to live their best life.  It’s a purpose driven journey ever-expanding with new potential and possibility. 

A quick look in the rearview mirror
I enjoyed an eventful 39 year offline career in Western Canada. My expertise was in small business development, team building, sales & marketing training projects. 

And I’ve been known to carry a trusty Nikon to keep my photography skills from getting rusty in this chapter of my life. Fortunately I escaped from the corporate jungle in 2008 and never looked back.

The internet opened doors leading to more adventures.  Life before the internet was more predictable: however, life on the internet offers limitless opportunities.  I enjoy the spontaneity of expanding my online ventures every year.  Hence you have connected with me today.

Our family first philosophy
I currently live in Courtenay, a small ocean side town in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island with my lovely wife Nicolette (Nicki).

The Comox Valley is the perfect location for anyone, any age, to enjoy an active healthy lifestyle. The valley is fast becoming the #1 choice in Canada for a retirement haven with the baby boomers. It's a paradise of organic gardens and fresh seafood.  We love it here.

Dennis Goff and Family

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters and three energetic grand kids. I'm not admitting to 'retiring' for a minute though! It's the exact opposite. You might say we've joined the retirement revolution.

Reinventing Our Retirement

Our early online adventures morphed into a sort of fun-filled way to add value to others by help them get established online hassle free. Nicki is a published author of half a dozen Kindle books on gardening and publishes articles on her website for inspiring gardeners.

My ‘retirement’ days had me craving to continue the interaction I had enjoyed with others for many decades. So, I developed the skills to create highly visual and extremely efficient websites for a specific market niche.

Fortunately there is a steadily increasing demand for my skills. I love working with bloggers and home business entrepreneurs who understand a professional web presence is essential for success in todays ever-changing world.

The result of the learning curve and perfecting my WordPress skills was the birth of our new website business, Site Bytes.

What I love about these skills is they work for me (and you) 24/7/365 where ever we live, work or play.  Your business will be online all the time.

And you’ll become a self-reliant entrepreneur (if you choose) or a weekend blogger.  Whatever suits your fancy.


Why work with us

Nicolette and I are a creative, easy team to work with on all the functionality and design elements of your website or blogging project. You'll be well informed, have fun, and love your new online home.

Get to know us better...

Check out the benefits 


Elevate your online presence and get:

Less frustration - more satisfaction

You'll get a complete understanding of the most effective path to designing and creating your new website with our personalized coaching to reach your online objectives faster.

Enhanced audience engagement

Get a fast, effective website designed to engage your audience to keep them interested to explore your content and return often.

Conversion focused presentation

Excellent user experience is essential so your new website will be safe, secure, and easy to navigate on all screen sizes on any device. Conversion focused = more sales.

What others say...

My website and I are both sharper after working with Dennis

As I'd seen with his other clients, Dennis crafted the same high quality, visually elegant site for me, with an expanded functionality allowing me to reach a more diverse audience and maximize the potential of my social presence. 

The most significant part of working with Dennis, though, is how he graciously incorporates “self-reliant client” education into his website building process!  He made sure I learned skills every step of the way, giving me the confidence to really own my site.  I will always be grateful for that.

Articulate your vision and goals for your website, and Dennis can put it in front of you, on multiple platforms!  He truly knows and uses every nuance, considering both the author and the reader of a site.  He has my highest recommendation!

DEb Waldron - entrepeneur, MKE Master guide

You're in good company with us...

If you're new to creating an online presence and building an email list - you'll experience a huge learning curve in getting up to speed with your blogging or business building skills.  However - it's not difficult - if you know how to take  right steps, in the right sequence, with the right coach.

We'll coach you each step of the way to make it easy for you...

You'll find it easy to communicate with us because both my wife Nicolette and I have worked through the Master Key Experience with certified guides.  We've also attended MKE Live Events in Kauai - resulting in many new friends from around the world.  You benefit because...

You share a common bond with us - our new found knowledge and wisdom from Haanel, Mandino, Emerson and many others we encountered in the MKE sessions. And of course, Mark & Davene with their wonderful staff.  We speak your language so we're on the same page right from the start.

MKE Additional Bonus

valuable 1-on-1 Coaching

Our personalized coaching will save you days, maybe even weeks of frustration because you'll learn the correct sequence to follow and how to execute each step in setting up your personal blog or business website.  You'll receive one-on-one coaching each step of the way so you continually build confidence in your new venture.  The result will be a unique, well designed website.

Identify your target audience

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Choose Your Domain Name & hosting

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Choose your website style


create your brand color palette


Write a brand positioning statement


Website Pages to create before launch

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Choose your website fonts

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How to write an engaging about page


A simple 3 step content strategy


Content creation simplified for you


How it Works...

Our fast, efficient 3D process ensures you get what you want with
no hidden costs or surprises at the end of your project. 



Schedule a time to discuss what you want us to help you create.  You'll be pleased with the easy step-by-step plan we set up to help you get the results you want to achieve.



We'll help you design your website to add WOW to your online credibility.  It will be totally responsive for all screen sizes on all of your devices from desktop to mobile.



Your new online home will be designed to your style, with our guidance.  We'll exceed your website expectations and keep your ongoing content management easy.

Don't know where to start?

Contact me to discuss how we can help you get started with your new personal blog or business website.  Once we know what you want to create - we'll send you a proposal including the details and the cost for your project. 

It's a FREE Consultation - no obligation.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Let's have some fun creating a stunning website for you!