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The Truth Canada’s Puppet Politicians Want to Keep Hidden from All of Us

Dr. David Martin reveals the criminal activity of Trudeau and others complicit in the unlawful covid 19 scamdemic mandates, tyrannical violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and rule of law. Follow the patents and the money – it’s obvious.

Watch this ‘Canada specific” 12 Minute clip from the recent event: And Then They Came for The Canadians:

Watch the complete event: “THEN THEY CAME FOR THE CANADIANS” – Experts Share Real Science With Canadians in this detailed exclusive video.

Trudeau gov’t severely censors true science. This digital conference of world-renowned experts presents Canadians with the latest Covid science and resources, and calling for an end to totalitarian government interventions. This digital conference is hosted by America Dr. Eric FeinTuch & Canadian Const. Chris Vancenbos

Guest Speakers
1. Hon Brian Peckford–Mainstream media blocks real news
2. Dr. Peter McCullough- 5 points of truth of pandemic that are self evident
3. Dr. Geert Vanden Bosshe –Immunity and Vaccines
4. Dr. Tess Lawrie MBBCh,PhD- world council for health
5. Pierre Kory, MD, MPA-Restricting and threatening physicians, disinformation
6. Shabnam Palesa Mohamed- WHO Treaty
7. Stephanie Seneff, PHD-spike proteins
8. Ryan Cold, MD- liponano particles
9. Thomas Renz,JD- Ivermectin
10. Jessica Rose, PHD- Heath Allinance
11. Edward DowD- Insurance stats of vaccine death
12. Vaccine Injured speak out

This is a long event and a worthy watch for anyone who want to stay ahead of the curve in Canada to know what really happening.

Then They Came for the Canadians – Part 1

Dennis Goff
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