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How it Works...

Hi, Dennis & Nicki Here...

Most people would love to travel more but THINK they can't afford it...

Dennis & Nicki Goff

… and if they do finally decide to travel - most of the time it’s in low budget facilities. Many people have found a way around that...

What if you could enjoy 5-Star Travel for 3-Star prices?  

Nicki celebrating her vacation at Atlantis

Here's the thing...

For years we wanted to travel more but typically had to settle for low budget facilities, sub par transportation and skipped cruises altogether.

Sure, like most people - we shopped all the ‘advertised’ booking engines but typically didn’t find anything with enough savings after all the hidden fees were added in.

We love to travel and explore!

Straddling the Equator

Dennis & Nicki straddling the equator in Ecuador

And we'll be travelling even more now!

Here's why... a friend of ours told us about a company that had developed a way to ‘Uberize’ the travel industry.

Go here now:

Enter your Activation Code: 747856

This company was actually giving away free booking engine websites by invitation only so people like you and me get access to the same ‘backdoor pricing’ the big guys have.

We found prices were anywhere from 10% to 35% cheaper for the exact same facility. And even higher savings!

Dennis & Nicki

Dennis & Nicki zip lining in Costa Rica

How easy is this?

Here’s all you do...

Just like you normally do to book travel, go to your travel booking website and enter the activation code I gave you. Once you activate the code, you have private access to your own booking engine totally free! Forever!

GO here now:
 and enter your Activation Code: 747856

As soon as you activate your account all you need to do is choose your dates, decide where you want to travel - click submit.  Presto - in less than a heartbeat - you’ll see all of the popular hotels, airlines, rental car facilities cruises etc - except much less expensive!  How easy is that!

We're extremely grateful...

To our friend for sharing this unique travel savings concept with us and I got permission to share some the codes with others so here's the scoop:

We have a limited amount of codes to give out - no strings attached - if you’d like one... it's yours.

Here's the part we like best...


Enjoying the Beach in The Bahamas

Every time we give someone a Büümerang (a code) and a free website is activated, a nutritious meal is donated to an undernourished child - through the BüüM Foundation.   

And - it’s FREE for you. I simply have to show that you have activated the code for you to save on travel - no strings attached. It’s yours to try and yours to keep - for life.  Easy for both of us...

Go here now: 

Enter your Activation Code: 747856

You don’t have to book travel right now - only activate the site. 

The code will be valid for a short time so we suggest you do it now and bookmark the site for easy reference when you want to book travel.

You’ll get travel savings with the guaranteed lowest pricing compared to the other travel search engines. More importantly, an undernourished child will receive a proper nutritious meal when you activate your site.  

Actual Savings Examples...

See the actual savings recorded on these screenshots posted in our Private Facebook Group from members who love to travel...


Go here now: 

Enter your Activation 

Code: 747856


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