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Dennis Go​ff

I'm looking for people who want to build a global team in Holton's NEW company...

Hi, I'm Dennis Goff, nice to meet you!  I'm part of a fast growing team with this new unique business model. I'm looking for people who want to join our team in the early launch stage of what will soon revolutionize the travel industry.  Our team has extensive background in networking and internet marketing.  We can easily set you up with trainings and systems to help you quickly build a business. Please review the information on this site to see why you'll want to get in early. Thanks!

It's time for network marketing to evolve!


CEO Holton Buggs

By creating a first-class consumer experience and a Perpetual Residual Income Builder (PRIB) we will move the industry from an old model where customers pay more for their products and services and only the strong recruiters win. The new model will only allow you to earn income when your customers SAVE money.

That means they will pay less for their products and services than what they can find anywhere else online or offline!

Listen to this for the 'Big Picture'

My Business Partner, Mike, explains Why This Opportunity is Growing so Rapidly.

Learn how to create a REAL residual income!

iBüümerang Pre Launch Video

The iBüümerang Opportunity

Watch this video as Mike (our tour guide) presents a business overview so you understand exactly how you can make iBüümerang work for you.  

Done For You Presentation!

iDecide is an interactive presentation that explains the iBüümerang service and opportunity FOR YOU so anyone can easily understand the business. 

Your customers and prospects are guided through a tour which educates them on the travel industry, shows them how they can save money when they travel and earn a full-time income promoting iBüümerang.

​Test Drive this Unique Interactive Presentation Tool

iBüümerang Compensation Plan

So how do you get paid with this unique business model?  Watch the videos now! Hit the play button...

Why we're Just Different...

Find out why iBuumerang will transform the Network Marketing Industry and the Travel Industry and why that's just the beginning!

You can join iBüümerang for only $49!

Get Valuable bonuses when you join our team!

High Level Chat Bot Technology Automated Set up 

Free networking & Internet Marketing Skills Training 

INSIGHT:  Our Team's Strategic Marketing Plan for iBüümerang

My business partner, Mike, reveals the proven marketing strategy he uses to help our team fast track results and illustrates why you should join us now.

It's Brilliant!  Networking + Online Marketing = Proven Success!

You can join iBüümerang for only $49!

pssst... you still here?  What are you waiting for?

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