Tribute to Canadian Truckers: Rallying Cheer for Freedom Convoy 2022

Taking Back Our Freedoms

Biggest Protest in Canadian history. Canadians are rising up against the Covid tyrants and criminals. Here is the truckers rally cry to wake up, stand up and resist.

This a a message for masked and unmasked – ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated’. It’s your choice as a free Canadian. Stand and be counted. United we stand.

January 28, 2022

Today the colossal convergence of Canada’s freedom convoys, exert the rightful authority of the people. We will not be slaves, and we will no longer tolerate the tyranny, oppression, human rights violations, or crimes against humanity.

Thanks to Dr Francis Christian, Canadian surgeon, historian and poet, for this inspirational poem for this historic time as the convoys converge on Ottawa to fight for our rights as Canadians and human beings.

Truckers for Freedom

By Dr. Francis Christian

In the annals of human history a time comes but rarely, when a nation awakes to freedom, to liberty, to truth and to a new beginning.

This is such a time.

You, the Truckers of Canada have brought hope back to a nation languishing in the long night of tyranny and oppression.

You have made our grandmothers and our children smile and dance again.

You, the Truckers of Canada have made the songs of freedom soar and sound anew – from mountain top to shining sea.

From PEI to BC and from our great white North to our teeming border South, your roar of freedom has reverberated across our towns and our cities and has been heard around the world.

Canada is cheering you on.

Our American brothers and sisters are cheering you on.

And we know that from every continent, from every global outpost of tyranny a shout of acclamation and a hand of solidarity is being raised for you and for us in Canada, for all of humanity.

You the Truckers of Canada have said to our rulers – “enough” – and we have raised the glass with you and our trembling lips also cry with you, “enough.”

You have said “enough” – we will not have vaccine mandates for Truckers, for our airplanes, for our trains, for our right to be strong and free Canadians in this strong and free and beautiful land …

And we cry with you, “enough!”

You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will not have inhuman and illegal vaccine mandates in our hospitals, in our schools, in our hockey rinks, in the places we eat , in the places we gather with friends
and lovers and families …

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our heroes, Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will never allow you to lock us down again. Never. We are free.

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom say to our tyrannical rulers, “enough” – stop dividing us now! Stop making the vaccinated and unvaccinated “us” vs “them”

We are one people and we will be one nation, one family, one Canada.

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our warriors for freedom say, “enough” – stop using our tax-payer’s money to muzzle doctors and censor the news. Stop!

And we say with you, “Stop!”

Canada honours you. Canada salutes you.

We have your back.

Canada has your back as you roll across this great nation!

The roar you hear is from the sleeping lion called Canada that is now awake!

And every roar of your trailer and truck will be met by the collective roar of Canada!

We love you.

We can never thank you enough!

God bless you.

And God speed!

Who is Dr. Francis Christian?

TBOF Board Advisor: Dr. Francis Christian

He was appointed Director of the Surgical Humanities Program and Director of Quality and Patient Safety in 2018 and co-founded the Surgical Humanities Program. Dr. Christian is also the Editor of the Journal of The Surgical Humanities.

I encourage you to invest some time on the Take Back Our Freedoms website so you understand the credentials, brilliant minds and the compassionate nature of these Canadians who are fighting for the freedom of all of us.

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